The s / s 2018 collection is inspired by Neoclassical art, by its pure and essential form mixed with natural elements with originality. The shoes are imagined as decorations: the models with crystal buckles, inspired by the mosaics, adorn the feet like flowers.

Printed silk bows emphasise the ankle while ribbons in pastel shades intertwine on the legs like ivy; bay leaves, laser cut, create ultralight sandals. Neoclassical elements that, reinterpreted with taste and modern technique in Roberto Festa shoes, enhance the contemporary woman with ease.

“In emerald tufts,
flowers purple, blue, and white;
Like sapphire, pearl,
and rich embroidery.”

W. Shakespeare

Tutto ciò viene svolto con particolare attenzione alla qualità e al coinvolgimento di solo maestri artigiani italiani.